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Fae Sanctum

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~ Rugen, Fae Historian
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Fae Sanctum
Planar Information
Astrological Bodies

The Sun (Solaranu), The Moon (Luna), and the Stars (Za'rin)

Length of Day

24 standard hours

Length of Year

Approx. 300 standard days

Known Size





Temperate, with seasonal fluctuations


Standard Gravity

Primary terrain

Verdant hills, meadows, mountains

Surface water

Rivers, streams, small oceans

Points of interest

Fae capital at New U'luksandria

Native flora

Trees (various), Grasses (various)

Native fauna

Numerous native and exotic species

Native species

The Races of Fae Sanctum

Immigrated species

Humans, Elemental Plane wanderers

Primary language(s)



Monarchy (Official), generally Anarchic and regionally controlled


Unknown, exceeding 400,000,000



Major cities

New U'luksandria, other minor developments

Major imports

Magical Components, Elemental Metals, Exotic Materials

Major exports

Magical Texts, Lumber, Magical Components



General History[edit | edit source]

Da’lea, her Races and the rescued Humankind were banished to sunny glades,

There the Fae’ri and Elves lived in peace, it is called the Fae Dannu, or the Fae Sactum

Yet Humankind was an uneasy visitor in this alien realm, neither made for it nor it for them.''

~ The Protemic Tablets, Tablet 10: 4-6

Notable Residents[edit | edit source]

Places of Interest[edit | edit source]

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