The Void

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~ Rugen, Fae Historian
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The Void as Plane[edit | edit source]

It is improper to truly qualify the Void as a Plane, as by definition it is a vast expanse of what can only be described as nothing. However, within this "nothingness" there are locations within the Void identified in the historical records, as well as unverified, contemporary accounts of travel within this uncharted realm. Indeed, it is well known and observed that the Sun, Moon and Stars traverse the void in their daily motions, and who can say what other mysteries float in those inky heights...

...The Void is so distinguished from the other Planes due to the unique nature of its denizens, which do not in any way resemble any life heretofore recorded on other Planes. I will leave it to the experts on living creatures to hazard such guesses of the peculiar nature of these abominable beasts, but it is safe to say that they share no kin with any Race of the Planes...

...Arguments persist regarding whether the Void is a unique Plane, or merely a remote region of the Shadow Vale. True, it has been demonstrated in living memory, with the proper flying spells or devices, along with the proper enchantments to allow the application of air, heat and pressure, any being so foolhardy can rise from the surface of the Shadow Vale, the husk of old Zatur, and enter into the Void. However, the tremendous amount of magical energy and concentration required to accomplish this task makes this means of egress most impractical. Indeed, none that have accomplished this feat have ever even recorded reaching, nor even sighting any other objects or physical body. Thus it would seem that objects in the Void are so distantly separated from each other that any attempt to traverse this realm in any timely fashion must necessitate the use of Bound Ways...

~ Nils Tison, of House Grass, Excerpts from A Discourse on the Planes
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